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Odds Your Outs Will Hit on the Turn or the River

What are the odds that one of your outs will hit?  On the Turn?  On the River?  Depending on how many outs you have and how many cards are still left to come they could be fairly good.  Or, they can be extremely bad.  Take a look for yourself.
Outs Hit Calculator

As you can clearly see the more outs you have and the more cards you have to come the better your chances are of hitting one of them.  This chart even covers inside straight draws and flush draws.  It wouldn't hurt to get a feel for these odds as you'll face these exact conditions hand after hand.

But what if memorizing isn't my thing?

If you don't like memorizing charts then here is a shortcut you can use instead.  For example, if you have 1 to 9 outs and the turn and river cards are yet to be seen then you can multiply your outs times 4 to come within 1 percentage point of the true chances of hitting your card.  This covers the inside straight draw(4 outs), 2 overs(6 outs), the open ended straight draw(8 outs) and the flush draw(9 outs).

As you can see from the chart these odds are cut roughly in half on the River.  Your chances are progrssively better than half on the River as you increase the number of outs beyond 5.  But the best is still only 60% of the of the original odds when you had 2 cards to come.

For example, 2 overs is 6 outs multiplied by 4 is 24% which is your approximate chance of getting at least one of your overs.

Either way you choose to approach this having these odds firmly in your mind (along with all the other things we've taught you of course) will go a long way to improving the results of your game.  While this particular tidbit may not make you a lot of money and can certainly save you enough money to last for one more hand...and who knows?  Maybe it will be the right one.

So long for now...

As always we encourage our players to take some time and practice the tools and concepts we share with you here on game nights.  Just remember, the rest of the table is practicing on you too.  Either way here's your chance to be a Future Legend of Poker....or at least meet a few...:)

Brandon and Monica